Trade Show Shipper: A transportation company dedicated to the trade show industry.
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Trade Show Shipping - Tradeshow Shipping
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Trade Show Shipper is the first and most comprehensive shipping company that directly services the trade show industry. Through strategic vendor relationships with multiple freight carriers throughout the world, TSshipper provides a forum where shipping companies compete to achieve your business.
About Us Mission

TSshipper was formed for exhibitors, as an avenue to combat industry wide rate increases.

Developed as a web-based medium where exhibitors submit their freight requirements on- line, or by phone, and receive up to 3 competitive trade show shipping quotes with-in 1-3 business days.

Our network of trade show shippers provides the most extensive list of services and coverage areas through out the world.

The employees and independent agents of TSshipper have over 50 years of trade show freight experience. Backed by superior vendor contracts and a customer service pledge like no other freight firm.

TSshipper is changing the way exhibitors move their freight.


Our mission is to provide a forum, where shipping companies bid competitively for your business.

We are a transportation company dedicated to the trade show industry.

  • One-stop shopping for all your freight transportation needs
  • Competitive Rates
  • Comprehensive management of time sensitive shipment
  • Easy Administration
  • Shipment security
  • Single-company contact for all shipping arrangements
  • Knowledgeable customer service professionals
  • Fast, reliable, on-time movement of tradeshow materials from origin to advance warehouse or tradeshow site
  • 100% no hassle
  • 100% email notification
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