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Step 1

Submit Freight Requirements

1. Submit your shipping requirements online using the request form or call
2. TSshipper will email a confirmation when your requirements have been received
3. Allow 1–3 business days for 3 competitive quotes to be issued via email

Step 2

Receive & Review Quotes

1. Quotes emailed in PDF format
2. Review quotes online at client log-in (coming soon)
3. Quotes valid for 30 days
Step 3

Award a Shipper your Business & Arrange Pick-up

1. Notify TSshipper by email, fax or phone that you are accepting one of the quotes.
2. A TSshipper representative will contact you to complete the transit documents

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Additional Services Included

On-Site Services (TS Shipper Shows Only)

1. Receive on-site freight support management and customer care
2. Delivery confirmation of exhibit materials to booth area
3. Pre-printed freight bills and labels for outbound shipments delivered to booth
4. Assist each exhibitor with the completion of the General Contractor bill of lading

Post Show Services

1. Fax your exhibit bill of lading to and have them digitally saved in your      account
2. Log-in an review your account (coming soon)
3. Review prior shipments, invoices and payment history for your exhibit freight.